Our Story

Ace Reporting is a court reporting firm that was established in 1992 by Lisa M. Beatty, CCR, LCR.  Ace Reporting was established with a commitment to excellence and reliability.  It is our belief that as individual reporters that we portray professionalism at job assignments, arriving early and being ready to start on time, and delivering our transcripts in a timely manner.  As a group, we believe you have to provide excellence from start to finish in all job assignments.  Our certified court reporters and videographers are simply the best working today.  That is why the nation's premier law firms and court reporting agencies look to Ace Reporting when their cases demand the highest level of reliability, quality and experience.

Ace Reporting has ventured out to become a statewide firm in Tennessee. One call and we can take care of all your litigation needs.
-To us, it means:
-Online Scheduling
-Licensed and Certified Reporters
-On-Call Reporters Every Day
-Expedited Transcripts
-Exhibit Scanning to PDF, along with PDF of Keyword Indexing and Condensed Transcript
-Video Depositions
-Specializing in Customer Service!


If you’re not currently getting these things and more from your reporting service, give us the opportunity to show you what true professionalism is in court reporting.


Office:  615-516-9921
P.O. Box 158395
Nashville, TN  37215